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Miata fuel rail spacer

Miata fuel rail spacer

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Why a fuel rail spacer? The top hat that adapts 48mm Bosch EV14 injectors with a 14mm diameter top to fit in place of a Denso (60mm body with a 11mm diameter top) necessarily increases the key measurement for these cars by about 2.5mm. When you install them and torque down the fuel rail it kinks to the side a bit. This happens with several providers of EV14 injectors including ID.

We designed a fuel rail spacer that corrects this problem. It's a custom made anodized aluminum washer that snaps on to the fuel rail isolators (those little black plastic things that are super easy to drop into the engine bay) and spaces the fuel rail out by about 2.5mm.

Comes as a set of 3 aluminum spacers, isolators not included.

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