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Fuel Injector Kits from Mild to Wild

Where it all started. We’ve been building high performance injector kits for Miatas since 2014, starting with the 640cc kit. Now available in 380cc, 640cc, and 960cc. All sizes are plug and play kits built around high-performance OEM Bosch EV14 injectors for precise fuel control.

Whether you just want to run your naturally aspirated track toy on E85, or you are building a fire-breathing 500whp monster, there’s a Flow Force injector kit for you!

LS Ignition Coil Kits

Upgrade to a powerful spark for a buttery smooth idle, high boost potential without spark blowout, and more complete combustion across the entire fuel table. Fully plug and play, for less than the cost of Mazda OEM coil pack.


Plug and Play ECUs

Take full control of your fuel and ignition with a state-of-the-art ECU. Completely plug and play.


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Everything we sell comes with free shipping in the contiguous US. Shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $19 for your entire order, and the rest of the world is just $25.