Complete LS Ignition Coil Kit (pre-order)


Complete LS Ignition Coil Kit (pre-order)

from 249.00

This is the full monty, the grand poobah, the big gun package. Whatever you want to call it, this is everything you need to majorly level up your spark game. Pre-order is for 1-2 months while we finalize the plug wires.

If you want to run LS coils on any NA or NB Miata, this is the kit for you. The bracket is made from stainless steel and mounts D585 ignition coils. The coils in this kit are used.

The harness is plug and play for your Miata, and has been in development for almost a year to get it just right. The harness is wired for batch ignition, and can be upgraded to sequential with a kit that will be available soon. Just choose the version that corresponds to your engine size.

Plug wires will be black (not red like the picture) and fit 1990-2000 heads. The VVT head has very slightly smaller spark plug holes. The plug wires can be made to fit by lightly trimming the boots. One day we will have a VVT-specific version. One day.

The kit includes:

  • 1x Stainless Steel Bracket

  • 1x Main coil harness

  • 2x Female harness plugs (1994-2000 only)

  • Igniter patch harness (1990-1993 only)

  • 4x used D585 coils (optional)

  • 4x high performance plug wires for 1990-2000

Even with these very hefty items, shipping is free within the US.

If you’ve done an engine swap, contact us for which option one to go with.

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