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FlowForce Injectors for NC MX-5

FlowForce Injectors for NC MX-5

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Flow Rate @3bar

These high performance, high capacity, long body EV14 injectors are plug and play for the 2006-2015 Mazda Miata (NC). For the 380cc kit, we start with low mile OEM injectors, clean and test them, and match them into sets. 640cc kits are new injectors from Bosch that we flow test in house.

  • Cutting edge Bosch EV14 technology

  • Flow matched within +/-1% static and dynamic (2ms pulse, idle conditions) flow rates for a smooth idle

  • Multi-hole tip for superb atomization

  • Works with multiple fuel types, including E85

  • Plug and Play for 2006-2015 MX-5, tuning required

These EV14 injectors are the go-to choice for high performance naturally aspirated pump gas or e85 builds.

Kit Includes:

  • 4x 380cc or 640cc (at 3 bar) Flow Matched EV14 Injectors

  • 4x silver injector extenders (for 640cc kit)

  • 1x dielectric grease

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