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FlowForce Fuel Injector Kits for K-Series (K20 or K24)

FlowForce Fuel Injector Kits for K-Series (K20 or K24)

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Add a DW200 Fuel Pump?
Flow Rate @3bar


The renowned FlowForce fuel injector kit, known for providing optimum performance to countless high-powered Miata's, is now also compatible with K-swaps and Honda engines. Whether your engine is mildly modified or heavily built with a turbo or supercharger, the FlowForce kit has established itself as the go-to choice for reliable and powerful performance in the Miata, K20, and K24 platforms. The kit's impressive 2ms pulse width flow matching guarantees efficient fuel supply, allowing for over 300whp on regular gas, while still maintaining a smooth idle. This makes FlowForce the preferred choice for both power and drivability in most builds.

Choose FlowForce for:

    1. Cutting edge Bosch EV14 technology
    2. Tight flow matching: within +/-0.5% static and dynamic (2ms pulse, idle conditions) flow rates for a smooth idle
    3. Superb atomization thanks to their multi-hole disc tip
    4. High performance with multiple fuel types, including E85
    5. Complete Plug and Play Kit

          Upgrade your fuel system with the popular Miata DW200 fuel pump, known for superior performance and versatility. This straightforward installation is a great value at only $90 more than the $109 retail price, and includes shipping. The DW200 is designed for maximum fuel delivery, whether you use pump gas or E85, making it the top choice for most customers. No wiring changes are needed - simply drop it in and go!

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