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FlowForce 960cc Injector Kit

FlowForce 960cc Injector Kit

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Add a DW200 Fuel Pump?

To top out our line up of plug and play injector kits for Miata’s, we followed the same formula from the FF640 kit, and turned it up to 1100. Flowing at 960cc in NA Miata's and 1100cc in NB Miata's, these injectors will have you twisting axels and breaking 6-speeds.

We start with large batches of new OEM EV14 injector from a Renault, and match them into sets flowing within +/-1% at both idle and wide open flow. With this size of injector, there is a wide variance of idle flow rates for small engines, making careful matching essential. We then package them up with carefully designed components to make them plug and play in NA and NB Miata's.

Capable of 500+whp, these are for the truly insane. We think you’ll like them.

New: Add a DW200 fuel pump for only $80 (regular $99), shipping included! The DW200 is the best pump for most people. Uses stock wiring and requires no changes to your tune, but is able to deliver enough fuel to nearly max out FF960 injectors.

Plug and Play for 1990-2005 Mazda Miata's, requires standalone engine management.

Please consult these installation/configuration guidelines:

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