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FlowForce 380cc Injector Kit

FlowForce 380cc Injector Kit

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Add a DW200 Fuel Pump?

We understand that not everyone is going for a rod-busting turbo build. We’ve had requests over the years for an entry-level injector kit for folks who want to run E85 on their naturally aspirated cars, or for budget-oriented pump gas boosted builds. It took a long time to get this one right because it was essential that we didn’t sacrifice quality in the search for a lower-priced alternative to the FF640 kit. In the end, we followed the same formula that makes the 640 kit so successful - EV14 injectors, unmodified OEM tips, and plug and play installation - while finding ways to bring down the cost of the finished product.

We start with a sixth-generation Mustang 5.0L injectors. We source sub-100 mile dealer take-offs, or low mileage used injectors that we clean and refurbish in-house. We developed custom tooling to re-shape the tops for fitment in a Miata fuel rail without the need for an expensive adapter. Finally, we flow test and match injectors into sets within +/- 1% at both idle and wide open conditions.

The end result is an E85-capable, smooth-idling, precisely-controllable injector at a very affordable price. On pump gas, about 200whp is achievable with this kit.

The kit is Plug and Play for 1990-2005 Mazda Miatas and requires standalone engine management to function properly.

Please consult these installation/configuration guidelines:

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