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About Us

FlowForce is a small but mighty maker of fuel injector kits, ignition kits, ECUs, and other parts for Mazda Miatas. We pride ourselves on building products that offer reliable high performance at prices the budget racer can afford. We also endeavor to provide exceptional customer service - that means we do our very best to ship promptly, respond to questions quickly, and take ownership for resolving customer issues with our products.

About this Role

We are looking for a third person to join our team. In this role you will take ownership of customer communications, both with our direct customers (across all 50 states, and 26 countries so far), and with the wonderful partners around the world that sell our products, including Flyin Miata and Goodwin Racing. Communication happens over email, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. We don’t take inbound calls, but occasionally we call a customer if it’s going to be more helpful for them then going back and forth over email. 

This role is part time to start, 5-10 hours per week, and can grow as the company grows and as you take on more responsibility. There are no set hours, but we are most helpful when we can respond quickly, so you would keep an eye out for notifications.

About You

You probably have a Miata, and it probably has a turbo. You know your car inside and out, and are comfortable wrenching and fiddling with your tune, or are eager to learn, and you gladly share what you know with others. Whether track, autocross, drift, show, or canyon carving is your scene, you respect and appreciate all the ways in which one can build and enjoy a Miata. 

You are a great communicator, and at least a bit OCD. If Amazon says your package will arrive in 2 days and it takes 3, that bothers you. You remember and appreciate the times when a company has gone above and beyond to resolve an issue you have had. When you make a mistake, you own it and fix it. This probably won’t be your first job, but you also don’t need to have had prior experience in exactly this type of role before.

Bonus points if you are within driving distance of Reno, NV, but even if you live in Reno it would be a 99% work from home job.

The Perks

$15-$18/hour, plus get free FlowForce parts, and huge discounts on parts from dozens of other brands.

How to Apply

Email your application to with the following_

  1. Your background and why you want this job

  2. Your resume

  3. Respond to this scenario_ A customer writes in asking for help who has a 1990 Miata and bought FF640 injectors, our R8 coil kit, and our MS2. They installed all of the parts and their car won’t start. What would your first message to them say? Write out the message exactly as you would send it.