LS Ignition Coil Kit, Bring Your Own Coils

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LS Ignition Coil Kit, Bring Your Own Coils

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This is the BYOC kit for those who want to source their own coils. This is a great way to save some money on a kit. Please be aware that we reject 5-10% of the coils we refurbish for our complete kits after running them on our test rig with an oscilloscope, and that essentially all aftermarket new coils have a significant difference in sparking power, according to our tests (which is why we don’t sell new coils).

The harness is plug and play for your Miata, and was in development for almost a year to get it just right. The harness is wired for batch ignition, and can be upgraded to sequential. The sequential version includes wires that need to be run to your ECU.

Our high performance 8.5mm plug wires are custom made for this kit and are a direct fit for 1990-2000 heads. The VVT head has very slightly smaller spark plug holes and can be made to fit with some trimming of the boot and fiddling - if have a VVT head, consider this a DIY kit.

The kit includes:

  • 1x Stainless Steel Bracket

  • 1x Main coil harness

  • 2x Female harness plugs

  • Igniter patch harness (1990-1993 only)

  • 4x high performance plug wires for 1990-2000 (can be modified to fit 01+)

  • Sequential add-on wires (if selected)

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Note: LS coils require the use of a standalone ECU

Harness wiring:
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