LS Coil Harness


LS Coil Harness

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The harness everyone has been waiting for! After a year of development, this harness is ready for action. Hit the easy button with this plug and play wiring harness for LS coils. Whether you are using D585 truck coils, LS2 coils, or some other variant, this harness will plug into the coils on one side and your factory Miata harness on the other.

For 2001-2005 Miatas, installation is as simple as removing the stock coils and plugging in this harness in its place.

For 1994-2000 Miatas, you’ll need to remove the female coil plug from your factory harness and replace it with the provided one. It’s fairly straightforward and our instructions guide you through it. It’s completely reversible.

For 1990-1993 Miatas, you’ll need to de-pin your igniter plug and insert the pins into the provided 1.6 patch harness. Again, this is fairly straightforward and completely reversible.

Harness comes in versions for wasted spark and sequential. The sequential version includes long wires that you’ll need to run to your ECU.

Note: you must have a standalone ECU to use LS coils.

Wasted Spark or Sequential?:
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