Flow Force 640cc Injector Kit


Flow Force 640cc Injector Kit


The legendary injector kit supplying fuel to hundreds of high-performance Miatas and smiles to their drivers.

From lightly modified naturally aspirated engines to built motors with turbos or superchargers, the Flow Force kit is the standard for reliable power.

Why do they work so well? The off-axis, dual cone spray pattern injects fuel perfectly into the two intake ports for atomization that outperforms injectors at twice the price. Thanks to our tight flow matching at 2ms pulse width, they will support 300whp on pump gas, and still idle beautifully, making them the go-to choice for drivability and power on all but the most ludicrous builds.

Choose Flow Force for:

  • Cutting edge Bosch EV14 technology

  • Tight flow matching: within +/-0.5% static and dynamic (2ms pulse, idle conditions) flow rates for a smooth idle

  • Superb atomization thanks to their multi-hole disc tip

  • High performance with multiple fuel types, including E85

  • Complete Plug and Play Kit

Not sure which kit to go with? There is no downside to running the 640cc kit, making it the most popular choice even with naturally aspirated cars. The extra power potential is great to give you options for the future. If your aspirations are under 200whp, the 380cc kit works just as well, can save you some money. If you are doing a built engine, turbo, and E85, then you likely need the 960cc kit to meet your power goals.

Plug and Play for 1990-2005 Mazda Miatas, requires standalone engine management.

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